• This is not a core part of ember-resources, but is an example utility to demonstrate a concept when authoring your own resources. However, this utility is still under the broader library's SemVer policy.

    A consuming app will not pay for the bytes of this utility unless imported.

    A utility decorator for smoothing out changes in upstream data between refreshes / reload.

    Type Parameters

    • Return = unknown


    • __namedParameters: Options<Return>

    Returns Return


    when using RemoteData (or some other promise-based "eventually a value" resource), the value returned from the API is what's useful to see to users. But if the URL changes, the remote request will start anew, and isLoading becomes true, and the value is falsey until the request finishes. This can result in some flicker until the new request finishes.

    To smooth that out, we can use [[keepLatest]]

     import { RemoteData } from 'ember-resources/util/remote-data';
    import { keepLatest } from 'ember-resources/util/keep-latest';

    class A {
    @use request = RemoteData(() => 'some url');
    @use data = keepLatest({
    value: () => this.request.value,
    when: () => this.request.isLoading,

    get result() {
    // after the initial request, this is always resolved
    return this.data;

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