• Small state utility for helping reduce the number of imports when working with resources in isolation.

    The return value is an instance of a class with a single @tracked property, current. If current is a boolean, there is a toggle method available as well.

    For example, a Clock:

    import { resource, cell } from 'ember-resources';

    const Clock = resource(({ on }) => {
    let time = cell(new Date());
    let interval = setInterval(() => time.current = new Date(), 1000);

    on.cleanup(() => clearInterval(interval));

    let formatter = new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US', {
    hour: 'numeric',
    minute: 'numeric',
    second: 'numeric',
    hour12: true,

    return () => formatter.format(time.current);

    It is: <time>{{Clock}}</time>

    Type Parameters

    • Value = unknown


    • Optional initialValue: Value

    Returns Cell<Value>

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